What you’ll learn

  • Understand the basics of Docker
  • Understand how Docker works and spawn running and image as an container
  • Working with multiple containers
  • Working with docker compose and Docker file
  • Running Selenium Tests in Parallel on Dynamic Selenium Docker Grid
  • Creating Tests which can spawn Ephemeral Selenium containers
  • Running Selenium tests within container along with Application containers


Understanding Docker and using it for the Selenium automation course is designed in such a way that anyone with zero knowledge of docker and its related concepts can get up to the speed easily without much effort.

This course is divided into the following sections, to make learning more streamlined and easier

1. Understanding the ABC of Docker

  • · Basic commands
  • · Working with Multiple Docker containers
  • · Understanding simple examples with WordPress and MySQL
  • · Understanding Docker file
  • · Understanding Docker compose file

2. Running Selenium Test with Containerized Selenium Grid and Application

  • · Writing Selenium C# test
  • · Writing Selenium test with Dynamic Selenium grid
  • · Writing Driver Fixture and how to handle problems accessing the application
  • · Parallel Selenium test execution
  • · Parallel Selenium test with Multiple browsers

3. Selenium Tests project to run as a Container

All these three sections are intrinsic, meaning they are interdependent on each other and hence sometimes students may need to go back and forth to get into some related concepts.

The first section helps you understand the basics of Docker and get up to the speed of dealing with Docker and its related commands, whereas in the second and third sections we are going to automate a 3-tier application with Selenium C#.

We will be using the industry-standard way to use automate an application with Selenium and run a dockerized Selenium docker container along with the Application using docker-compose

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