What you’ll learn

  • Students will have an improved UNDERSTANDING of listed stock analysis
  • Students will be able to REVIEW and compare company financial statements
  • Students will be able to DEFINE, CALCULATE & APPLY key investment ratios in selecting under-valued stocks
  • Students will be able to APPLY conservative valuation and margin of safety principles when investing in stocks
  • Students will gain an APPRECIATION of the need for discipline, rigorous research and risk management when investing in stocks


FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!! And what a time it is for value investing.

Don’t believe us, according to a June 5th 2020 FT article by Merryn Somerset Webb, in “1904, value had been underperforming for 14 years and by 59%. It showed its best performance ever over the subsequent 16 years. This time around it’s 11 years of value underperformance and by 59%.”

The historic divergence between growth and value stocks presents a huge opportunity for those willing to learn.

This course is meant to empower those looking to invest and create stock portfolios, with tools for value investing and selecting stocks based on strong long-term fundamentals.

It introduces and covers practical aspects of evaluating company financial statements, utilizing and calculating investment ratios and come with a practical model for analysis and comparing different stocks.

A course with all elements to help the student start from scratch in investing in stocks and ensuring their approach is one that uses conservative, long-term value based investing principles.

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