What you’ll learn

  • Vastu certificate course is designed to be Vastu consultant.
  • You need every week 3 hours to view 3 video and answer 5 questions. This course will finish in 8 weeks. There is no final exam.
  • We will be flexible to allow you to finish this course in 12 weeks.
  • All you need is laptop or computer and internet connection to view 3 video every week for eight weeks.
  • Course tutor Deepak Bakshi has 30 years of experience as Vastu Architect. He will help you how to design Vastu home and learn Vastu principles
  • You don’t to spent additional money to buy any equipment to learn this Vastu course


You will learn in this course, how to design Vastu home. This is 8 weeks course and you will view 23 video during this course. You will learn definition of Vastu, history of Vastu and step by step instruction to design Vastu home. Every week you will get three video to view here. Also you will get 5 questions to answer from these three video..We would like to see that after finishing this course, you will be able to advice your client how to design Vastu home. You can also become Vastu consultant to an Architect who needs help to understand vastu knowledge for their clients.

You will learn how to select a land appropriate for Vastu home. You will learn to calculate Vastu home proportion. As well location and orientation of each function as per Vastu. Location of windows as per Vastu. Selection of wall colors of each function as per Vastu. How to select location of plants and trees. Understand relationship of function with planets. Learn to locate utilities as per Vastu. You will learn where not to building and which sorrounding is not good for Vastu building. Also knowing we are living in climate change environment, we will show you right location to locate wind generator and solar panels with right orientations. Center of Vastu home is very important. We will show you how to design cupala structure at center of the roof.

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