What you’ll learn

  • React Developers
  • Video Chat Enthusiasts
  • Fans of Meta or Facebook
  • People who like Agora SDK for React


In this course I will teach the basics of React.js and the Agora SDK for Video Chats. In this video I will play around a little with the React.js create-react-app framework and the Agora SDK for Video Chats. At the end of the course I will have a product that will be fully functional and able to display video chats with many people.

Some categories of people who would be interested in this course include people who like to code and React.js enthusiasts. If you are unaware of React.js it is a User Interface Library for JavaScript by Facebook (Meta).

After this course you will be ready to make your dreams come true by creating a video app or applying to Agora! Agora is a great company that has simplified the Video Chat process. I will teach this course to the best of my ability and hope you will enjoy!

If you are an aspiring Web Developer or just like coding in general than pay attention to this next part of the course: you can watch up to 10 minutes of preview of the course without having to pay! For free! On me! Hope you enjoy!

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