What you’ll learn

  • Become a Master of project development in php
  • Able to make admin dashboard base web application
  • Able to generate php CRUD base projects
  • Become an expert in php coding



· Xampp

· VS code editor

· Interest of Learning


you will learn how to develop web applications with source code generator. Its name webappbuilder. I have developed for the easiness and bitterness of all students. All codes will be created within a minute and it save many months of writing codes and development.

Course outline

We are developing point of sell (POS) web application. lets check the list of contents

· First install xampp and run php hello world

· Learn use of WebAppBuilder

· Create POS database and product table

· Sell table

· Orders table

· Generate all files source code with WebAppBuilder

· Create pos

· Display products on pos

· Display orders on cart

· Display pending orders

· Display servings

· Submit Cart

· Calculate the value total bill discount grand total

· Finish orders

· Create overview on dashboard

· Check all day sell

· All time sells

· All products

· All Stock

· All sailed stock

· Download All class work


I created this course with latest versions of xampp, bootstrap 5.2, php 8, and mysql. I try my best to cover some basic required topics for developing advance level project Point of sell

Final Words

Honestly speaking i created this course second time. My first time created course was also good. But I was not satisfied. Here in this course my target and goal are covered successfully. Now I proudly say you will be master in development.

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