What you’ll learn

  • Learn exactly how a website works, to enable you to scrape effectively
  • Understand the difference between static and dynamic website and why it matters
  • Discover where websites hide information like product codes and user tracking data
  • Master developer tools and use it to fast-track your web scraping!


Web scraping is a highly paid, in demand skill

If you work with data, are a growth hacker, or starting a side hustle, you will need to start scraping data from websites sooner than you think … the web is the worlds biggest database but only a few know how to get access to that data in an efficient way.
Starting to web-scrape by learning a framework like scrapy or beautiful soup is like trying to learn to dive before you can swim … it looks like fun, and seems awesome, but when you land in the water, you realize you’re missing something (oh, the swimming part!!) …. if you are interested in web scraping, stick with me and read on…. it’ll be worth it, honestly….

Learn to web scrape from an expert – here’s proof of the value:

“Finally, an instructor who knows how to teach students so that they are not lost or confused. Thank you!”
“Great course, wish I would have watched it before reading Python Scrapy documentation.”
“I loved this course. It’s a great introduction to web scraping! It’s short, sweet and to the point!”
“Really impressed about theory and strategies to use.. goes beyond my expectation”

Web scraping (also known as scraping, scraping, harvesting and web data extraction), is both the art & craft of extracting data from websites. Data obtained from web-scraping is used for price comparison, business lead generation, and competitive analysis.

I created this course because I want to improve the quality of web-scraping information available. Most courses assume you know a lot about scraping already, but that’s mostly not the case – this course doesn’t try to teach you everything, the objective is to give you a solid foundation in the basics so you can start to master the art and craft of web scraping.

It doesn’t matter if you use Python, Java, C# or any other language for webscraping, this short course is light on code, and tries to use imagery and animation whenever possible to get the message across. There are various frameworks that are used to assist in web scraping depending on the programming language you use. Some of these scraping libraries these include Scrapy, Beautiful Soup and others in the Python web scraping world, and JSoup and HtmlUnit for Java for example.

If you want to learn web scraping with python or any other language, don’t take *any other course* until you take this one – you’ll be glad you did .. trust me, when you do take your next web-scraping course, you’ll be in a far stronger position to get the most from it ๐Ÿ™‚

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