What you’ll learn

  • Participants who want to learn about web development
  • Participants who want to learn how to develop websites WITHOUT any prior programming experience or expertise
  • Participants who want learn about WordPress
  • Participants who want to deploy websites at the minimum possible incurred costs


Participants will learn about web design via the use of WordPress, which is a powerful and robust Content Management System(CMS), designed to make web development and customization via the use of themes, plugins and widgets, and has been used to deploy a significant percentage of websites on the internet. They will also gain insight into other web design concepts such as hosting platforms, what a virtual private server(VPS) is, shared hosting versus virtual private server(VPS) hosting, and the entire web development process in general, from start to finish. The class is designed to appeal to those who wish to gain insights into the web development process, or who want to go into web development but don’t know certain programming languages required to achieve such feats. Participants can also opt for additional private real-time sessions in order to gain more insight into other concepts they may come across in the class, but might not apparently clear at first glance. It is advised that participants have considerable access time to a personal computer(with an internet connection) of their choosing, to enable them get the best/most of the class. On completion of the class, participants will be able to develop stunning websites, without necessarily possessing any prior programming experience, or skill.

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