What you’ll learn

  • Learn about Dopamine, Endorfins, Serotonin, and Oxytocin, and how they affect your mood and feelings of wellbeing
  • Time management to ensure that you do enough work while allocating time for family, friends, and hobbies
  • Ideas for what to outsource in order to free up time in your day
  • How to feel better doing even tasks you don’t like, and having that add to your work life balance


Create a perfectly balanced life in which you have enough time for everything you do.

Plus, use science to change your behavior in a way that takes the suffering out of your most disliked tasks and actually turns them into tasks you enjoy – yes, that’s possible! This way you will end up with nearly no work you dislike, and all work you will eventually like and excel in.


Learn about how Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins work in your brain to affect your mood, and how you can naturally manage their levels through behavior without taking drugs or supplements.


You will learn proven time management principles in order to prioritize your most impactful tasks and complete them during the most productive parts of your day. You will also learn to get rid of low-impact tasks.

Once you prioritize your schedule, you will need less work in order to achieve greater results.


You have no structure and no schedule? You work with many distractions and feel like lots of time passes, but no work gets done? And you fall behind on work, stress out, have to work more while underachieving, and the stress and lack of time eat away from your fulfillment of your free time?

If so, then invest in yourself and take this course to reverse and fix all this!

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