What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to write a non-fiction book in a month.
  • Develop an outline you can stick to.
  • Set daily writing goals that will create habits.
  • Get prepared to have a final draft


Have you ever wanted to write a book but didn’t know how to get started? Do you have a great personal story you want to share, but are afraid you just don’t have the time? This course will help you write your non-fiction book in a short amount of time! Yes, it really is possible.

As a freelance ghostwriter where I write books for clients who just don’t have the time, I use this method to write 2-3 non-fiction books a month. So I know this method works and I use it each and every month to have satisfied clients! Now I’m ready to teach others my formula for success.

Learn how to write an outline that you can actually stick to.

Learn how to light a fire underneath your bum to write thousands of words each day.

Get the instructions you need to be able to sit down at the computer and bust out a book in a short amount of time.

Throughout this course you’ll be able to ask questions that I will respond to, being able to customize this course to your needs. I have a wealth of knowledge that I am excited to share with you throughout this course, making this an interactive course. This isn’t just a course. This is the way you’re going to write your first non-fiction book and be the success you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t waste another minute! Purchase this course and get started today.

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