What you’ll learn

  • Learn why true love can only come from within you, to become the master of your own destiny!
  • Find out what it takes to remove the blockages and issues that prevent you from becoming your best self
  • Reclaim the power of your mind to an “empowered mindset” to get it to work for you, by following this path of healing and maximizing your potential
  • Learn why self-love is the missing piece for real success and happiness in life, it all starts from a healed being
  • Understand how a person can only love other people as much as they can love themselves, so they must start with them first to know and feel unconditional love
  • Overcome loneliness and despair, to know that you are in control of what happens in your life more than you realize, and how to make life work in your favor


Do you believe in a greater you?

I created this course to inspire people to that end, to help them understand why, what is at stake, and a good idea of how to go about it. It is also the best path to follow for anyone wanting true and lasting success, deeper relationships with others, and the healthiest overall lifestyle; not just about eating well and having enough money, but also about the heart, the mind, love, emotions, psychology…

It is a similar journey as what so many great people have already realized throughout our history. So don’t just take it from me, listen to the messages of our greatest and most kind leaders, they also say that love beats everything, that compassion and caring are the main parts of life to get right above anything else.

“You are not who you think you are, without your soul, your identity is a creation of programming and dysfunctions, ego, selfishness, materialistic desires, not a “real” person. You only become real when your heart, mind, and soul join forces and work as one…”

I have based my methods and teachings on what some of the most revered and enlightened people we have known have shared with us, I have travelled far and wide in search of my own meaning to life while keeping their wisdom close to my heart. Around 50 countries so far, numerous 10 day silent meditation retreats, immersing myself in many cultures and traditions, years upon years of self contemplation and explorations of our truest reality, a Near Death Experience leaving me broken and wanting to die, a catastrophic breakdown begging me to recreate my life to a much more loving and altruistic path… Maybe I have not “done it all” but I sure have done plenty, all in the hope I could connect to some deeper knowledge and wisdom that I could share with others.

Here are some of the main things you will learn in this course:

  • The only way to know and feel unconditional love is through your soul
  • Only through healing and overcoming your emotional and psychological challenges can you develop the best relationship with your higher self, and to love
  • That the best success in life comes from someone who has done their “inner work” first
  • The only way to have a positive impact in our world, comes from what we do for the sake of true love
  • Helps to figure out life and your place in it
  • How inner healing also lessens things like: ADHD, depression, loneliness and despair, heart and other physical and mental illnesses, dependence on drugs, food and alcohol…
  • It also improves: Moods, deepens relationships, better sleeping patterns, positivity and energy levels, and so many other physical and emotional health benefits

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