What you’ll learn

  • Improve overall mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Learn powerful journaling, visualization, and meditation techniques
  • Release stress and overwhelm
  • Learn how to control your breathing
  • Practice staying in the present moment
  • Create your own safe spaces for moments of stress


In this 12-week workshop series, you will learn powerful journaling, visualization, and meditation techniques designed to release stress and overwhelm, and help improve your overall mental and emotional wellbeing. A new health and wellness theme will be introduced each week, and include topics such as work/life balance, gratitude, sleep, compassion, abundance, and decluttering. You will learn how to control your body and regulate your breathing and stay in the present moment, and how to train your brain to objectively observe and label your thoughts and feelings.

The classes will start with an introduction to that week’s theme, and then go into journaling prompts. After the journaling portion, you will be led through guided visualizations and then given time afterwards to journal about anything that came up for you or any ideas you had during the process. The last half of each class, you will be led through a series of guided meditations, making this course excellent for both learning skills that you can use on a daily basis to manage stress and build your resilience to it, but also to help you relax in the moment.

Attendees are encouraged to have a journal and pen close by. The classes are taught by Natasha Ganes, who is a wellness consultant, published author, certified stress management coach, and guided meditation and EFT tapping practitioner who leads wellness workshops across the U.S. and Canada. Natasha has worked in the health and wellness industries for decades and knows that when people take the time to prioritize their spiritual, physical, and mental health, it leads to more balanced, happier living. When we get our head, heart, and body in alignment, life becomes more enjoyable, and she loves helping people get to that place.

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